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Shubh Job is one of the Top growing Job Hiring Company in India, With us it becomes more easier to find your desired suitable Job in your locality in Just 5 Minutes



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No, We don't take any charges to give your desired dream job.

We simplifies the process of hiring staff, You can post a job for free and within no time.

It is an opportunity for us to learn how hiring happens in this segment and to help our recruiters in getting the best candidates On the other hand, we are helping job seekers find relevant jobs for free.

To contact Shubh Job, You can raise a query on our Contact Us. After submitting the query, You'll get a response back from us within 2 hours.

No, it's not neccssary to upload documnents but uploading documents for account verification enables us to create a pool of genuine Jobs only and eliminate the fake hiring activity from recruiters.

Since our USP is helping recruiters with nearby candidates for better hiring, hence you have to post multiple jobs for multiple localities. This will help you to find candidates near you in a filtered manner.